GDPR Support and External DPO

The General Data Protection Regulation is often seen as an additional legal constraint. BSA Consult prefers to look at the bright side.

Choosing to be in compliance with GDPR, it does not only mean to abide by the law. It is about sorting out your data processing and its usefulness to organize your daily work better. Thanks to compliance
with new safety standards, it is also to protect you against the risk of cyberattacks. Finally, it is about restoring confidence with your customers, who are increasingly wary in the management of their personal data.

Call on our expertise to support you in the path of your GDPR compliance process. 

Need a DPO to help you maintain your compliance? Use our external DPO service!

GDPR Support

We offer personalised support for each of our clients. After a first audit to know your level of compliance, we offer you a roadmap to follow and drive the project to achieve a
optimal GDPR compliance

External DPO

GDPR compliance is not a definitive step. It is a daily work, symbolised by the principle of accountability or players liability, and respect for internal procedures. We propose
un service de DPO externe pour vous aider à maintenir cette conformité au RGPD au quotidien. a external DPO service to help you maintain your GDPR compliance on a day-to-day basis

A GDPR compliance for everyone

We guide anyone who needs and wants to be GDPR compliance.. Sole-employed persons, freelancers, sole traders, SME, big businesses and public authorities. Each of our clients has different needs and we strive
to adapt ourselved to any situation.